Entry summary for COACH CREDENTIAL - 2019 TX Shootout and U.S. Olympic Trials -Archery, Stage 2

Summary : 48 Entries

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Competitor Name Club
Jenny Baldowski All Things Archery JOAD
Garrett Beauvais Central Texas Archery of Austin
Linda Beck Granite City Joad
Orson Branch Dream Chasers JOAD
Jeff Butler Unaffiliated
Victor Chia Chia Archery
Tom Claps Wildlife Committee Of WA, Inc.
Elizabeth Coombe Cincinnati Jr Olympians
Jason Craig Form First Archery
Carolyn Goldstein Unaffiliated
John Gonzales Woodlands JOAD
Avram Granett WAXOBE JOAD
Jeffrey Greer Music City Archers
Lee Hetletved Form First Archery
Penny Hetletved Form First Archery
Tom Hinojosa All American Archery JOAD
George Huang WAXOBE JOAD
youkyung Hwang Joy Lee Archery Academy
Michael Jones Music City Archers
Motoko Jung Unaffiliated
Robert Kaufhold Lancaster Joad
Carole Kaufhold Lancaster Joad
Soyeon Kim HSS Sports Academy
Youngsoo Kim 88 Archery Club
John Kim Wildlife Committee Of WA, Inc.
Jiwon Lee Joy Lee Archery Academy
David Liang Unaffiliated
David Linterman Wasting Arrows
Simon Mantle Houston Archery Lessons & JOAD
Sharon Marino Unaffiliated
Bruce Miller Granite City Joad
Gary Mirich Unaffiliated
Carey Moscowitz Oakland County Sportsmen's Club
Stephen Kent Nitta Joy Lee Archery Academy
Chad Ochnich Lancaster Archery Academy JOAD
Woosik Oh Unaffiliated
Soo Pak 88 Archery Club
Mike Perrego Archers' Crest Elite
Jennifer Proctor Ace Archers Club Of Columbus
Jeffrey Rodrigo Unaffiliated
David Sasai Next Step Archery JOAD/AAP
Ziyi Sun Unaffiliated
April Weber Strictly Archery
Shelby White Mid GA Archery Club
Chris Wifler Chicagoland Joad
Enge Xing Central Texas Archery of Austin