Entry summary for 2019 USA Archery Collegiate 3D Regional - Southeast

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Competitor Name Club
Alexis Abbott Lindsey Wilson College
Taylor Adkisson Lindsey Wilson College
Amanda Baxter Midway University
Caitin Beard Lindsey Wilson College
Courtney Blevens Lindsey Wilson College
Abbigayle Brown Campbellsville University
Lauren Burgess University of Pikeville-Archery Team
Emilly Callison Campbellsville University
Emily Cardis University of the Cumberlands
Brianna Carroll Midway University
Rebekah Clover Midway University
Madison Cox University of the Cumberlands
Addie Denington Midway University
Brianna Dominey Midway University
Ariel Emberton Campbellsville University
Kassidy Evans Midway University
Brooke Fannin University of Pikeville-Archery Team
Kassidy Farris Union College
Savannah Frye Campbellsville University
Marissa Fullard Emmanuel College Archery
Savannah Gould Lindsey Wilson College
Taylor Haley Campbellsville University
Makenzie Hayes Lindsey Wilson College
Jessica Heady Lindsey Wilson College
Caitlyn Klaas Eastern Kentucky University Archery
Anna Krampe Lindsey Wilson College
Brooklyn Mays Bethel University Archery
Helen McDonald University of the Cumberlands
Marianna Melgoza Campbellsville University
Faith Oakley Lindsey Wilson College
Kara Priddy Kentucky Christian University Archery
Sarah Purtee University of the Cumberlands
Madison Richardson Lindsey Wilson College
Savy Scott Lindsey Wilson College
Sara Sherman University of the Cumberlands
Kaitlyn Shields University of the Cumberlands
Madeline Smith Campbellsville University
Mackenzie Tompkins Kentucky Christian University Archery
Breanna Tuggle Campbellsville University
Anna Whittle Kentucky Christian University Archery
Competitor Name Club
Debby Berardi Kentucky Christian University Archery
Kendra Cannon University of Pikeville-Archery Team
Tara Currie University of the Cumberlands
Faith Flynn Kentucky Christian University Archery
Jasmine Gillespie University of Pikeville-Archery Team
Katie Karr University of Pikeville-Archery Team
Britney McCarthy Lindsey Wilson College
Brooke McDonald University of the Cumberlands
Christa Nelson Lindsey Wilson College
Nina Ni Campbellsville University
Shelby Rushing Campbellsville University
Kayla Snyder University of Pikeville-Archery Team
Casey Stickfort Lindsey Wilson College
Kimberley Wheat University of the Cumberlands
Shelby Whitt Kentucky Christian University Archery
Rachel Woosley Campbellsville University
Competitor Name Club
Elizabeth Bollman Lindsey Wilson College
Kaylee Brown Lindsey Wilson College
Briley Davis University of the Cumberlands
Alexis Dempsey Midway University
Omni Dudley University of the Cumberlands
Molly Gawedzinski Union College
Haley Golden Union College
Madison Hart Lindsey Wilson College
Mackenzie Hessong Union College
Haley Hosey Campbellsville University
Abigail Kaysinger Lindsey Wilson College
Amber Mayes University of Pikeville-Archery Team
Catelynn McKnight University of Pikeville-Archery Team
Brooke Miller University of the Cumberlands
Jamilee Moore Union College
Hannah Moose University of the Cumberlands
Amanda Newland University of the Cumberlands
Allie Penn Union College
Samantha Rayburn University of the Cumberlands
Anna Scarbrough University of Pikeville-Archery Team
Courtney Schrader Bethel University Archery
Ashlyn Scriven Lindsey Wilson College
Darcye Ward University of Pikeville-Archery Team
Bailey Zammit Midway University
Competitor Name Club
Ryleigh Bonk Midway University
Cassandra Carrington Midway University
Jennifer Dones Midway University
McKenzie Evans-Schweickart Kentucky Christian University Archery
Andrenesia Flowers Midway University
Tori Gayheart University of Pikeville-Archery Team
Brooke Hamilton University of Pikeville-Archery Team
Olivia Harner Lindsey Wilson College
Elizabeth Jones University of Pikeville-Archery Team
Rebecca Jones Kentucky Christian University Archery
Karla King Kentucky Christian University Archery
Miranda Lauria University of the Cumberlands
Michaelina Livolsi Midway University
Madison Loveless Lindsey Wilson College
Casie Metcalf Lindsey Wilson College
Makayla Potter Lindsey Wilson College
Cheyenne Pratt University of Pikeville-Archery Team
Rachel Reshonsky Emmanuel College Archery
Competitor Name Club
Chandler Belcher University of Pikeville-Archery Team
Taylor Bell Lindsey Wilson College
Conner Campbell Campbellsville University
Elliott Cross University of the Cumberlands
Caleb Dixon University of the Cumberlands
Peyton Finley Bethel University Archery
Tyler Ford Midway University
Ethan Francis University of Pikeville-Archery Team
Dawson Gasparc University of Pikeville-Archery Team
Jeffrey Grubb Union College
Dylan Hamilton Lindsey Wilson College
Preston Henderson Bethel University Archery
Joshua Isaacs University of the Cumberlands
Hunter Larese University of the Cumberlands
Evan Mahanna Lindsey Wilson College
Benjamin Martin Bethel University Archery
Shawn Mountcastle Kentucky Christian University Archery
Kirklin Newsome University of Pikeville-Archery Team
Chandler Paul Campbellsville University
Bryant Rakes Kentucky Christian University Archery
Austin Reynolds Lindsey Wilson College
William Smith Union College
Alex Smith Bethel University Archery
Alex Stephens Bethel University Archery
Jacob Valentini University of the Cumberlands
Morgan Vaughn Union College
Nathan Wilhelm Kentucky Christian University Archery
Chandler Wisdom Lindsey Wilson College
Competitor Name Club
Austin Adams University of Pikeville-Archery Team
Andrew Blackburn University of Pikeville-Archery Team
Kadin Bridges Kentucky Christian University Archery
Cameron Curran Lindsey Wilson College
Hunter Current Lindsey Wilson College
Dustin Eldridge University of Pikeville-Archery Team
Justin Fairchild Kentucky Christian University Archery
Bradley Faulkner University of the Cumberlands
Noah Fields University of the Cumberlands
James Hughes Kentucky Christian University Archery
Dalton Nealy University of the Cumberlands
Seth Stagner Union College
Jacob Stidam University of the Cumberlands
Jacob Suffridge University of Pikeville-Archery Team
Competitor Name Club
Aaron Adams University of the Cumberlands
Thomas Averwater Union College
Jase Boils University of the Cumberlands
Lane Brandt Union College
Hasadiah Coleman Bethel University Archery
Gabriel Crenshaw Lindsey Wilson College
Kenneth Dacus Emmanuel College Archery
Kyle Decker Emmanuel College Archery
Brandon Durham University of the Cumberlands
Kyle Evans University of Pikeville-Archery Team
Denver Gross Union College
Logan Harrison Bethel University Archery
Mason Hess University of Pikeville-Archery Team
Jackson Jernigan Eastern Kentucky University Archery
Ethan Johnson Lindsey Wilson College
Gavin Martinez University of the Cumberlands
Samuel Osborne Union College
Silas Ratliff University of Pikeville-Archery Team
Dalton Richardson Lindsey Wilson College
Joshua Smith Eastern Kentucky University Archery
Austin Taylor Lindsey Wilson College
Dylan Turley University of Pikeville-Archery Team
Clay Weaver University of the Cumberlands
Matthew Weinstein Lindsey Wilson College
Austin Williamson Eastern Kentucky University Archery
Lane Woods Bethel University Archery
Competitor Name Club
Shane Adams Kentucky Christian University Archery
Aric Clements University of Pikeville-Archery Team
Devin Gayheart University of Pikeville-Archery Team
Roger Hermosilla Emmanuel College Archery
Zachery Johnson University of Pikeville-Archery Team
Kyle Martin University of Pikeville-Archery Team
Thomas Olson Kentucky Christian University Archery
T Sanchez Lindsey Wilson College
Brandon Whitt Kentucky Christian University Archery